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SecureRAID 1U


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SecureRAID Series SP-1413AA
1U Rack mount 4 Bays SATAII RAID Subsystem with
Real-Time Hardware AES 256-bit Encryption

Strongest Data Protection
Hardware AES 256-bit real-time full disk encryption engine certified by NIST (USA) and CSE (Canada).
Unsurpassed Value
Most cost-effective and encrypted SATA II RAID subsystem.
Easy Installation and Maintenance
Fast and easy to install the encrypted RAID subsystem.
Well-structured hardware design reduces future IT maintenance cost.
Exceptional Manageability
Graphic User Interface (GUI) enables users to manage and configure the system remotely with ease.
Front-end LCD panel and control buttons provide an easy way to manage and monitor the system.
Green Power Thinking
Save power by “MAID” (Massive Arrays of Idle Disks) technology.


- Hardware X-WALL MX 256 AES 256-bit real-time full disk encryption engine certified by NIST (USA) and CSE (Canada) for ECB (Electronic Code Book) and/or CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode of operation
- Real-time full RAID subsystem encryption without performance degradation to safeguard all the data inside
- Authenticated by physical key tokens
- eSATA (3Gbps) single host interface and support up to four SATA disks
- Multiple Volumes for host access and supports over-two-Terabyte volume
- Supports online disk capacity expansion within the enclosure and supports disk hot spare and automatic hot rebuild
- Transparent data protection for most of the operating systems

RAID Management

- Smart-functioned LCD panel
- Environmental monitoring unit
- Real-time disk drive activity and status indicators
- Web-based GUI management utility

Technical Specifications

Model SP-1413AA
RAID processor 400MHz storage I/O processor
Encryption processor Enova® X-Wall® MX-256 encryption processor
RAID level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5 and JBOD
Cache memory 128MB
No. of channels(host + drive) 1 + 4
Host bus interface eSATA
Drive bus interface SATA II (Up to 3.0Gbps)
Data transfer rate Up to 3.0Gbps (SATA II)
Hot-swap drive trays Four (4) 1-inch trays
Cooling fans 1
Password protection Yes
Audible alarm Yes
Failed drive indicators Yes
Failed drive auto rebuild Yes
Online consistency check Yes
Online expansion Yes
Array Roaming Yes
Online RAID level / stripe size migration Yes
Instant availability and background initialization Yes
Environment monitor Yes
Auto spare support Yes
Bad block auto-remapping Yes
Remote management Yes
MAID support Yes
Over 2TB support Windows 2000/SP3, XP/SP1 or later, Vista,
Mac OS 10 or later
Linux kernel 2.6 or later
Power supply 220W w/PFC
Power requirements AC 90V ~ 264V full range, 6A ~ 3A , 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Relative Humidity: 10% ~ 85% Non-condensing
Operating Temp: 10oC ~ 40oC (50oF ~ 104oF)
Physical Dimensions: 44.4(H) x 486.4(W) x 569(D)mm
Weight 7.6kg (without Disk Drives)

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