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X-Wall FX


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USB/SATA Bridge Chip Real-time Full Disk Encryption with AES 256-bit Strength

The X-Wall FX family is the 8th generation of the patented X-Wall real-time full disk encryption technology. X-Wall FX, the USB/SATA cryptographic bridge processor, is capable of conducting real-time full disk encryption over the connected SATA disk drives. It equips with tightly integrated USB 2.0 and SATA interface controller that allows the connection of SATA disk drives to a host USB 2.0 interface controller, making it a perfect fit for modern USB interfaced external storage enclosure. Additionally, the FX offers NIST and CSE certified real-time hardware AES security up to 256-bit encryption strength to safeguard the entire content of the SATA disk drive.


The X-Wall FX is authenticated by a password entry from your personal computer keyboard as a pre-boot condition. At initialization, you get to select your pass phrase and the FX writes both encrypted pass phrase and AES secret key to the connected SATA disk drive. The loading of all authentication software is completely transparent to all users to ensure that there are no user interruptions. For user login, the password entry will be compared internally inside the FX to avoid attacks attempted over the host computer.

How does it work?

1. USB Portable Drive

The X-Wall FX real-time cryptographic processor along with its built-in password authentication software serve as a complete single chip solution for all USB 2.0 based external storage including SATA based disk drive and solid state disk.

2. Secure Motherboard

The FX can be mounted over a standard motherboard auxiliary USB port, making the USB port secured for an external SATA disk drive connection. The external SATA disk drive can be as easy as a SATA disk with fixture (without any type of bridge controller) only.

Engineering design is simple and straight forward with the X-Wall FX as both standard USB 2.0 and SATA interface controllers are built-in to avoid design difficulties. Password based authentication software is also supported to allow fast to market. Without the enabling of the powerful real-time AES cryptographic capability, the FX simply serves as a standard USB 2.0 to SATA disk controller.

Key Benefits

- Enables USB portable drive design based on SATA and solid state disk drive
- Offers unprecedented 1.2Gbit/sec sustained hardware AES 256-bit cryptographic strength
- Real-time AES performance guarantees no performance degradation
- Single chip solution simplifies engineering design
- Password enabled AES operations
- Provides complete user friendly key management software


- Complies with SATA 2.6 specification
- Complies with USB2.0 specification
- Tightly integrated USB2.0 and SATA interface single chip controller
- Supports hardware real-time AES cryptographic capability to entire SATA disk drive up to 256-bit in both ECB and CBC modes
- Supports standard USB/SATA bridge function without AES cryptographic function
- Supports LBA 48-bit addressing
- Supports over than 2TB per X-Wall FX
- Low profile 64-pin QFP package

Ordering Codes

Ordering Code (SKU) AES Mode of Operation Encryption Strength
X-Wall FX-128 ECB 128-bit
X-Wall FX-192 ECB 192-bit
X-Wall FX-256 ECB 256-bit
X-Wall FX-128C CBC 128-bit
X-Wall FX-192C CBC 192-bit
X-Wall FX-256C CBC 256-bit

System Requirement

- USB2.0 High Speed at 480Mbit/sec and Backward Compatible;
- Compatible With All SATA Disk Drives;
- Supports Windows Vista, XP, and Server 2003 With Real-time Cryptographic AES Strength
- Supports Over Than 2TB Storage Tower With Real-time Cryptographic AES Strength
- Supports All Operating Systems Without Real-time Cryptographic AES Strength (Acting as a Standard USB/SATA Bridge Controller)
- Supports 64-bit Computing


- Feb. 2nd, 2010
Enova Technology X-Wall FX password authenticated real-time full disk encryption solution received Microsoft WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certification. Received “Certified for Windows” certificates include Windows XP 32/64-bit, Vista 32-64-bit, and Windows 7 32/64-bit
X-Wall FX, the latest generation of Enova´s product family, is a USB to SATA cryptographic bridge processor with tightly integrated USB 2.0 and SATA interface controller, making it perfect to secure USB external storage devices.


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