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Biometrics Encryption System – hard disk encryption with fingerprint authentication

The popular USB2.0 external storage device proves to be convenient for extra flexibilities in expanding storage and backup. It is also prone to loss or stolen. The dilemma is obvious. People usually choose PIN/Password authentication but unfortunately it is completely insecure. More, PIN/Password forgotten technical support calls are not unusual. Advanced users choose software disk encryption to safeguard their data in the disk drive. However, slow performance and compatibility issues, in additional to its questionable security, really have bogged down the usability.

So what's next?

The Biometrics Encryption System has the answer. It comes with an accurate fingerprint to replace your PIN/Password as authentication, and the Enova® X-Wall LX/XO cryptographic ASIC to safeguard your entire hard disk without losing performance and usability. The "Cryptographic Key" of X-Wall is hidden in scrambled form and can only be released upon correct authentication from the fingerprint sensor.

Ease of Use

Up to five (5) sets of fingerprints can be registered using provided application software. You don't have to memorize your password after you had successfully registered your fingerprints. Better yet, as the application software is pre-installed in the non-volatile memory of the product, you are permitted to change to various host PCs without duplicated registration, as long as the USB2.0 communication is allowed.

Enhanced Trusted Security

The fingerprints offer a simple way to replace your Password/PIN or Token as authentication. And the Enova® X-Wall LX cryptographic bridge chip secures the entire hard drive including boot sector and Operating System. You don't have to setup an encrypted folder like you used to do with using the software disk encryption utilities. The operation of encryption and decryption is automatic and transparent and there is absolutely no performance degradation. The "Cryptographic Key" will only be delivered to the X-Wall LX if and only if the authentication process is successful. The delivery of "Cryptographic Key" is essential as data residing on the hard drive will not be decrypted without it. Hardware security is hard security as Gartner put it:

"Hardware is also not invulnerable to attack, but it generally requires much more sophisticated attackers with larger budgets than those that typically succeed against software-only security options. When information is sensitive, valuable or 'must be trusted not to change', hardware has to be part of the solution."* Gartner Research Note COM-16-5309, 10 June 2002: "Software Security is Soft Security: Hardware is required"

Cost Effective

You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for the complete solution. Simply use any available 2.5" standard hard drive and start enjoying the privacy and speed this product brings to you.


- Fingerprint authentication to replace your Password, PIN, and/or Token. Up to five (5) sets of fingerprints can be registered.
- Enova® X-Wall LX Cryptographic Bridge chip offers enhanced trusted security via hardware encryption. Entire disk drive is encrypted without exception. The “Cryptographic Key” will only be released upon successful authentication.
- USB2.0 communication offers up to 480Mbps with plug and play functionality
- As the Application Software for registration is pre-installed in the non-volatile memory of the product, you are permitted to change to various host PCs without duplicated registration.
- Enova® X-Wall LX ensures absolutely no performance degradation of the operation of encryption and decryption.


Power Supply External AC adapter: 5V/2A: AC: 100~240, 50~60 Hz
Hard Disk Support Ultra ATA (Ultra DMA) 66/100/133 2.5" hard drives
USB2.0 Up to 480Mbps performance
USB1.1 backward compatibility
Fingerprint High image quality of fingerprint: 508 DPI and 256 grey levels
Excellent ESD protection: 18~20KV
Strong surface mechanical strength: 12GPa
Sensor array: 11.8mm x 9.6mm
Pixels numbers: 236 x 192
Hardware encryption Enova® X-Wall LX Cryptographic bridge chip
Real-time performance of 1.6Gbit/sec
NIST and CSE certified
Additional encryption strength is available (DES 64-bit, TDES 128-bit and TDES 192-bit)
Package Information AC Adapter
USB 2.0 cable
White box+ cover sleeve
Product Dimension: 80.6mm (W) x 156mm (L) x 23.5mm (H)
Product Weight: 250g without hard drive
14pcs per carton
Carton Weight: 9.3kg
1.7 Cubicle Feet per carton

Available Manufacturers

What is <em>X-Wall</em> Secure? JStac Corporation Victoria120: Secure USB Enclosure w/ Fingerprin

  PC Winner
International Inc
1) ThumbMax EC255 - Fingerprint HDD Enclosure 2.5"
2) ThumbMax EC256 - Fingerprint HDD Enclosure 2.5"


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