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1st Floor, No. 11, Research & Development 2nd Road, Science-based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu City Taiwan 30076, Republic of China
TEL: +886 3 577 2767
FAX: +886 3 577 2770

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- Real-time hardware based encryption with 1.1Gigabit per second throughput and zero performance degradation
- NIST Certified DES 64-bit and TDES 128/192-bit encryption engine
- Automatic transparent operation encrypts entire hard drive bit-by-bit, including Boot Sector and OS
- Portable X-Wall® Secure Key for BIOS level user authentication and access control
- Operating System and software independent; does not require device drivers
- User friendly, simple, secure and elegant solution
- Securely protects hard drives when removed and stored for safekeeping
- Securely transports data from system to system
- Prevents hard drive theft from unattended systems

Product Overview

The X-Wall Secure Mobile Rack is a secure, portable and convenient solution combining the power of strong encryption with unprecedented throughput speed to protect sensitive data and credentials stored on PCs and servers. Accommodating any standard 3.5 inch hard drive, Enova®’s Secure Mobile Rack automatically and transparently encrypts all stored data and may be easily removed for safekeeping or for use in a different location.

Enova®’s Secure Mobile Rack Ensures Maximum Data Privacy

The sensitive nature of confidential information is driving the need to secure data stored on all portable computer systems. Enova®'s innovative solution ensures multi-level privacy, confidentiality and authentication, allowing organizations to protect valuable assets, credentials and intellectual property which are exposed to significant risk of theft. Legal liability and the financial consequences associated with stolen confidential information require organizations to go to extreme lengths to protect their data.

Certain inhibiting factors have limited the widespread adoption of data encryption. Software solutions fail to address multiple concerns of performance degradation, user acceptance and ease-of-use. In contrast, hardware-based encryption technology is a much more secure solution offering simple and absolute data security which completely eliminates processor cycle interrupts and memory overhead. With Enova®'s transparent hardware based solution you are assured that your data and credentials are fully protected.

X-Wall Technology

Enova®'s X-Wall solution completely eliminates the traditional trade-offs between speed, convenience and security. X-Wall performs automatic and transparent hardware based "real-time" encryption at an unprecedented 1.1 Gigabit (or more) per second, requiring no user intervention. This ensures users never experience any performance degradation, with systems functioning at exactly the same speed as before X-Wall was installed. The X-Wall Secure Key stores and protects the encryption key used by the X-Wall microchip to encrypt data. The correct X-Wall Secure Key must be inserted into the special key socket (present on X-Wall finished products) at system boot up to authenticate the user and authorize the operating system to load before granting access to data stored on the hard drive.

Because X-Wall operates at the physical hardware layer, it is compatible with all Operating Systems and requires no specific device drivers. Software upgrades, patches and bug-fixes are therefore no longer relevant.

X-Wall provides the complete security your data deserves. Utilizing only Government NIST approved DES and TDES algorithms for assured security, X-Wall also allows you to choose the encryption key strength that best suits your particular requirements.

As illustrated in Figure 1, the Main Circuit Board of the Enova® Secure Mobile Rack, the standard 3.5" disk drive is connected via the provided IDE cable. The Enova® X-Wall SE chip encrypts every thing written to the hard drive at 1.1Gbit/sec. The Master/Slave jumper shown in Figure 2 allows you to select the mode of your disk drive.

You must use the supplied Secure Key token to "initialize" the hard drive, i.e., to "FDISK" then "FORMAT." Make sure you back up the important disk content prior to initializing your disk drive. As X-Wall encrypts your boot sector and partition table and the rest of drive volume, your entire drive content will be associated with the specific key token you use. Therefore, at every power up or resume from hibernation, the correct key token must be applied. Without it, the X-Walled hard drive will not be able to boot as the process of decryption won't occur accurately.

How to insert the key token?

The key insert is provided via the front panel of the Secure Mobile Rack. You must present the same key token every time you restart the computer or resume from hibernation mode. You may remove the key token after the X-Walled drive has been properly recognized by your system.

Available Product List Part #
Enova® Secure Mobile Rack; 64-bit SE-64A0-SMR
Enova® Secure Mobile Rack; 128-bit SE-128A-SMR


- “Real-time” transparent automatic encryption to 128-bit with 1.1 Gigabit per second throughput
- Compatible with any 3.5 inch IDE DMA and Ultra DMA 33/66/100 hard drive with volume under
- Populates any available bay that accommodates 3.5 inch drives
- Hardware lock attaches Secure Mobile Rack to frame with locking key
- Compatible with all Operating Systems, no device drivers required

Enova® Technology, a privately held company with its HQ in Hsin-Chu Science Park, Taiwan, Republic of China, specializes in the design of advanced real-time cryptographic solutions. Enova®’s innovative encryption technology satisfies the needs of Corporations, Government Agencies, Consumers and security-conscious users worldwide who demand absolute privacy and confidentiality of stored data and network credentials.

Available Manufacturers

Addonics Technologies, Inc.

1) Saturn Cipher Mobile Rack (SCMR)
2) Saturn Cipher Drive Cartridge System (SCDCS)
3) Jupiter Cipher Drive Enclosure

CRU-DataPort Inc. Encryption DataPort V Plus

Mapower Electronics Co, Ltd Map-F31x Series - IDE/SCSI/SATA Aluminum Mobile Rack w/ Encryption

SSI Computer Corp. SI-133AS Secure Mobile Rack

StorCase Technology Data Express?DE110 with Encryption

RAIDON TECHNOLOGY, INC. SE1064 /1028 Series: Internal Storage Encryption


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