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Listen to what our customer said:
"The SecureUSB2.0 is a fantastic device for those of us who travel and have a great deal of sensitive customer data on our laptop hard drives. It gives you additional storage space as well keeping the data secure even if the drive is lost."

Bob Lyon
Application Consultant

Product Overview

Enova Technology announces availability of SecureUSB Pro, the smartcard authenticated hardware encrypted USB external storage enclosure.

Enova® SecureUSB Pro is a secure, portable and convenient solution combining the power of strong authentication using latest smartcard technology and hardware encryption with unprecedented throughput to protect sensitive data and credentials stored on external storage devices. Accommodating any standard ATA 2.5 inch (9.5mm in height) hard drive, Enova® SecureUSB Pro automatically and transparently encrypts all stored data. Enova® SecureUSB Pro is a powerful device that ensures maximum data privacy on USB external storage. The SecureUSB Pro is the security enhanced version of prior version SecureUSB2.0, replacing key fobs with proven smartcard technology while maintaining real-time hardware full disk encryption function to the enclosed hard drive.

All cryptographic operations are self contained which means the device can be operated independently from Operating Systems. There is no extra device driver that exhibits over the host computer. The smartcard technology offers two factors authentication to replace the single factor authentication method as been seen in the previous key fob design. To enable the SecureUSB Pro, simply insert the smartcard and press the correct PIN to allow the drive to become accessible. The smartcard contains the secret key to operate the X-Wall XO. The secret key will only be released upon successful PIN entry to which frequency of repeated attempt can be preset in factory. Incorrect presentation of either the smartcard or the PIN will render the entire drive inaccessible.

Furthermore, the entire circuit board of the SecureUSB Pro including X-Wall XO is epoxy hardened (tamper proven) to prevent prying eyes. Attempts to remove the hardened epoxy will damage the circuitry that render entire device inoperable. The SecureUSB Pro can be qualified for FIPS 140-2 level II or III certification.

The SecureUSB Pro utilizes X-Wall XO-192 chip, which offers NIST certified TDES 192-bit crypto strength, for its real-time full disk encryption function and only the correct PIN and Smartcard will unlock the Secret Key that operates the X-Wall XO. The performance of the SecureUSB Pro complies to USB2.0 specification as X-Wall XO-192 ensures real-time no performance loss cryptographic operation. This ensures users never experience any performance degradation, with systems functioning at exactly the same speed as before X-Wall XO was installed.

Enova®'s SecureUSB Pro completely eliminates the traditional trade-offs between speed, convenience and security. It can be operated on any host that equips with standard USB2.0 implementation. It has been tested and found compliance with Windows XP, Windows 2000, Linux, and MacOS.

Enova Ensures Maximum Data Privacy

The sensitive nature of confidential information is driving the need to secure data stored on all portable computer systems. Enova®'s innovative solution ensures multi-level privacy, confidentiality and authentication, allowing organizations to protect valuable assets, credentials and intellectual property which are exposed to significant risk of theft. Legal liability and the financial consequences associated with stolen confidential information require organizations to go to extreme lengths to protect their data.

Certain inhibiting factors have limited the widespread adoption of data encryption. Software solutions fail to address multiple concerns of performance degradation, user acceptance and ease-of-use. In contrast, hardware-based encryption technology is a much more secure solution offering simple and absolute data security which completely eliminates processor cycle interrupts and memory overhead. With Enova®'s transparent hardware based solution you are assured that your data and credentials are fully protected.


- Two factors authentication with Smartcard and PIN
- Epoxy hardened circuit board that is tamper proven
- Can be qualified for FIPS 140-2 level II or III certification
- Real-time hardware based encryption with 1.6 Gigabit per second throughput and zero performance degradation
- NIST Certified TDES 192-bit encryption engine (X-Wall XO-192)
- Automatic transparent operation encrypts entire hard drive bit-by-bit, including Boot Sector and OS
- Operating System and software independent; does not require device drivers
- No external power source required in most cases
- Accommodate to any 2.5” Parallel ATA hard drives


- Supports USB 2.0 for high speed 480 Megabit per second throughput
- Backward compatible with USB1.1 for 12 Megabit per second throughput
- Supports all standard 2.5-inch (9.5mm height) Ultra ATA hard drives
- Industrial standard smartcard
- Integrated keypad for PIN entry
- LED status indicator
- Supported operating systems: Windows 98/98SE/200O/Me/XP, Mac OS, Linux 2.4 and above. (Although X-Wall itself requires no device drivers and is independent from all operating systems, USB communication requires appropriate device drivers in each operating system.)
- Power requirement: +5V (power from the USB host, or from power adapter).
- USB2.0 transfer in most cases will NOT require an external power supply
- House one ATA 2.5” disk drive with any available capacity
- Small form factor and ultra-durable Aluminum-Magnesium case
- Dimension: 122mm (L) x 78mm (W) x 22.5mm (H)

Package Content

- SecureUSB Pro unit
- USB Cable
- Smartcard x 2
- User's Guide (a quick start)


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