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Enova® Secure PCI Adapter
Enova® Secure Mobile Rack
Hardware TDES 192-bit
  Encrypted 1" 8GB USB Drive
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New Secure Ruggedized   Notebook
Secure 3.5" desktop drive bay
Secure SCSI-1 punch-out or PCI   bracket
Secure rack-mount/kiosk
Addonics Diamond Cipher Hard   Drive
Biometric Encryption System -   Secure USB2.0 Storage
Enova® Secure USB2.0/SATA to   IDE/SATA
Enova® SecureIDE RAID

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- X-Wall LX-40 (DES 40-bit) ASIC ensures privacy and confidentiality of your data
- Hardware secure key authenticates at computer system booting
- 40-bit DES (US Data Encryption Standard) is adequate for general users
- X-Wall LX-64 (DES 64-bit) is adequate for general & commercial users
- X-Wall LX-128 (TDES 128-bit) is adequate for enterprise & commercial users
- X-Wall LX-192 (TDES 192-bit) is adequate for Government & Military users


- Device Driver free, Compatible with ALL Operating Systems
- Zero CPU and memory utilization
- "Real-time" transparent automatic encryption with 1.6 Gigabit per second throughput
- Supports Ultra ATA 100/133 hard drives


No settings required. Simply plug in the Secure Key before booting up the system.


You must perform FDISK and FORMAT the disk when you apply the SecureIDE™ adapter. Performing these operations will erase all the data on the disk. Back up all the data on the disk in advance if you are not connecting a blank new disk. ENOVA TECHNOLOGY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DATA LOSS RESULTED CONSEQUENTLY

Available Manufacturers

What is <em>X-Wall</em> Secure? ABIT Computer Corporation Secure IDE


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