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Enova® Secure PCI Adapter
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Hardware TDES 192-bit
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- Real-time hardware based encryption with 1.6Gigabit per second throughput and zero performance degradation
- NIST Certified DES 64-bit through TDES 192-bit encryption engine
- Automatic transparent operation encrypts entire hard drive bit-by-bit, including Boot Sector and OS
- Portable X-Wall® Secure Key for BIOS level user authentication and access control
- Operating System and software independent; does not require device drivers
- User friendly, simple, secure and elegant solution
- Securely protects hard drives when removed and stored for safekeeping

How to insert the key token?

We supply you the extension cord to avoid bending your knees. As illustrated in Figure 2, you must connect the other end of the extension cord to the Enova® Secure PCI Adapter key insert. You may remove the key token after the X-Wall ed drive has been properly recognized by your system.

System Requirements

- SE is running at 1.1Gbit/sec with a maximum 137GB per drive support
- LX is running at 1.6Gbit/sec which supports more than 137GB per drive
- Encryption strengths from 40-bit to 192-bit
- Compatible with all IDE hard drives
- Compatible with all Operating Systems, no device drivers required
- Includes 2 X-Wall Secure Keys

- One available 5&1/4" standard bay
- All Operating Systems including Unix and Linux
- ATA-6 compliant Ultra ATA (Ultra DMA) 100/133 hard disk drive for high throughput configuration
- Motherboard with standard IDE interface
- Do NOT directly connect optical storage devices such as CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RW to this module

Available Manufacturers
Jetway Information Co., Ltd XGUARD 5.25”/3.5” 2-in-1 Internal Drive Bay

St. John Technology Co Ltd ST-35SC Secure 3.5” Bay Kit


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