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X-Wall MX


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SATA to SATA Real-Time Full Disk Encryption Cryptographic Processor Protecting Sensitive "Data-at-Rest" with AES 256-bit Strength
Product Overview

The X-Wall MX family ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) is the 7th generation of X-Wall Technology. It is engineered specifically to encrypt/decrypt entire SATA hard drive including boot sector and operating system in real-time performance. The cryptographic engine of the X-Wall MX is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of USA and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) of Canada certified hardware AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.

How does it work?

X-Wall MX, an SATA to SATA cryptographic bridge chip, sits right in between host SATA and the device SATA hard drive, encrypting entire SATA drive with wire speed performance while providing up to 256-bit AES hardware strength.

X-Wall MX family comes with 3 (three) different chips. They are:
X-Wall MX-128, AES 128-bit strength;
X-Wall MX-192, AES 192-bit strength;
X-Wall MX-256, AES 256-bit strength;

System performance with X-Wall MX engaged is unaffected. X-Wall MX can be operated with SATA1.0a & 2.0 compliant disk drives with a sustained throughput of 150MB/sec. The performance-optimized AES hardware engine performs all encryption and decryption. There are no extra software components, eliminating entirely the memory and interrupt overheads.

X-Wall MX requires no device driver and is independent from and invisible to all known Operating Systems including embedded OS. As long as the drive is SATA1.0a & 2.0 compliant, X-Wall MX will work in the system. Once authenticated, its operation is completely transparent to all users. There is no complex GUI involved therefore your regular computing behavior is unchanged.

Key Management

Key Management with X-Wall MX can be versatile, which includes PIN/Password through Pre-boot authentication, TPM, Smartcard, Fingerprint, Single Sign On, or USB type external key token. One or more factor authentications are applicable through either two-wire serial interface or a built-in API (Application Programming Interface).

Key Benefits

- Offers wire speed performance at sustained 150MB/sec on all encryption strengths
- Operating System independent
- Provides iron-clad security through hardware-based NIST & CSE certified cryptographic AES engine
- Simplify engineering design for security targets

As the entire SATA hard drive is encrypted, there is no possibility of any secret being left unprotected on the drive, including password and "Secret Key." In an X-Wall MX protected system (drive), there is no simple way to read the data without the right "Secret Key." Only YOU have the right Key to unlock your data.

"The X-Wall MX technology is compatible with all system designs incorporating SATA hard drive technologies. A limited amount of sample chips will be made available for qualified customers for testing and evaluation. Make request to your Enova® Technology Sales representatives, or fill in the query."


- Power-On-Self-Test (POST) ability to ensure product reliability
- Versatile Key Management through either serial interface or built-in API (Application Programming Interface)
- 100% hardware AES (ECB mode) cryptographic engine producing a sustained 150MB/sec wire speed performance
- AES CBC mode is available and can be customized upon signed agreement
- 80-pin TQFP small form factor
- RoHS & Lead-free compliant
- Very low power consumption at less than 350mW at 1.8V under constant burst mode

System Requirement

- All Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
- Linux OS with SATA support
- All embedded OS with SATA support
- SATA1.0a & 2.0 compliant hard drive


- June 26, 2012
SAN JOSE, Calif., June 26, 2012 — Enova Technology , a market leader in innovative encryption security solutions, today announced its X-Wall MX-256 (AES ECB 256-bit) and X-Wall MX -256C (AES CBC 256-bit) advanced cryptographic modules have gained full approval from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validation. Read more...
- Jan. 7th, 2011
Enova Technology announces today that X-Wall MX-256 and X-Wall MX-256C series real-time full disk encryption processor family have been FIPS 140-2 (US Federal Information Processing Standard) certified with certification number 1471 and 1472 respectively. The newly FIPS 140-2 validated X-Wall MX crypto modules have been successfully adopted by various US Government, Military, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance agencies and are widely deployed commercial wise. Those FIPS 140-2 certifications are available through NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) official website for review.
- Nov. 15, 2010
Enova Technology announces today that X-Wall MX series real-time full disk encryption processor family have been FIPS (US Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 Level 3 validated for Physical Security. The FIPS 140-2 overall certification is currently “review pending.” See below NIST official website for details
- Jun. 30th, 2010
Enova Technology X-Wall MX real-time full disk cryptographic processor family have been listed in the “In Process List”of the Cryptographic Module Validation Program for the US Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (FIPS 140-2) certification. The final FIPS 140-2 certification number is pending. Read more...
- March 2nd, 2010
Enova´s X-Wall MX-256C real-time crypto processor offers competitive performance over using Hitachi and Western Digital SATA 3Gbit hard drives along with Silicon Image PCIe (Gen 1) to SATA (3Gbits) controller. Read more...
- March 1st, 2010
Enova´s X-Wall MX-256C real-time crypto processor offers competitive performance over using Hitachi and Western Digital SATA 3Gbit hard drives along with Marvell PCIe (Gen 2) to SATA (6Gbits) controller. Read more...
- Retrofit your PC with CipherChain –
DIY a 100% hardware AES 256-bit full disk encryption solution– 17 Aug., 2009

Have you been looking for a simple and Easy-to-install retrofit solution to secure your storage devices in a legacy system or a heterogeneous computing environment?
Look for the Addonics CipherChain.
Enova Technology and ASUSTeK Computer to offer reference design for PC products. It combines Enova's innovative X Wall MX hardware real-time AES cryptographic processor and Enova's authentication software over a BIOS with a motherboard made by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), the world-largest motherboard maker, to provide real-time, hardware encryption.
San Francisco , Calif.-20 April 2009 - Enova Technologies Expands Range of Hardware-based Computer Security Solutions. The new pre-boot password authentication technology announced at RSA 2009 works in conjunction with the X-Wall MX cryptographic processor to offer a complete security solution for a laptop or a desktop computer by encrypting the SATA disk drive inside the computer in real time and ensuring that all the disk data is protected.


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